Saturday Sampler – Fashion Magazine’s My Style: Betsey Johnson

Saturdays are a day for rest, adventure and learning, among other things – Yes, in the world that is the seven days of the week, Saturday is my oyster. And to help nudge Saturdays in the direction of “learning” I offer you the Saturday Sampler: a weekly posting of interviews that have something of interest to say.

For the inaugural sampler, I have chosen Fashion Magazine’s My Style with Betsey Johnson.

Betsey Johnson is one of those women who really, truly inspires me. At an age when people are expected to have retired, headed south, and started an odd collection of knick knacks, Betsey is cartwheeling her way down runways, creating a Betseyville dream home in Mexico, and designing the kinds of party dresses that can turn a Wednesday night into a dance party that would make even the 80s jealous.

In short Betsey is living her life in every sense of the word. She’s really, really living it. And for that reason, she will remain one of my greatest inspirations. You can find her whole bio here – I won’t offer you the shortened version because you really do need to read all about the amazing woman she is.

And now for our feature: 


So you have a read, and if you need me I’ll be in the corner having a dance party in these bad boys


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