so you want to be a Much Music VJ?

I’ll be the first to tell you that my long-term memory is weak at best. My childhood is a pretty much just a blur dotted with wonderful family events, hide and seek in the forest, a lot of baking, and a single bee sting. Teenage years are another blur dotted with punk shows, grilled cheeses, cafeteria antics and a trip to California. One thing that does stand out during both of these periods is my love of music and my need to constantly watch Much Music. My parents must have loved this…I’m sure…

It may have been a pipe dream, but all those years of watching the nation’s music station made me dream of the day that I too could call myself a VJ. To stand there on set with Master T, Rick the Temp, George Stroumboulopoulos, Sook-Yin Lee and Bill Welychka was everything a young girl wanted. The best part was that it even seemed possible – Welychka is a native of my hometown and my sister met him once too! This, you see, is a big deal when you grow up in small town where your future seems to lie in either call centers or a steel factory. To make it in the big city was a very big deal to me.

Back in the winter I made an attempt at an open casting call but was nervous as hell and sporting what was no doubt a sub par resume and headshot. To make matters worse, I waited in -20 degree weather for an hour before being thrown in front of a producer without even enough time to thaw out. Needless to saw, the whole thing didn’t go down as planned.

And now wouldn’t you know it, Much Music is looking for VJs once again. So this past Saturday, armed with a revamped resume, updated headshot and a solid dose of confidence I walked myself to Queen Street and once again got in line. This time there was a form to fill out in a nice warm climate. Again, there was a one-on-one with a producer; this is the hardest part. You’re on the spot. So you say things like “The first time I saw Rancid at Warped Tour was pretty epic” in response to “What has been your favourite concert?” Really Anne, epic? That’s the most eloquent and detailed thing you could say? They’re looking for people with music knowledge who can speak about the subject and you manager to describe your best concert experience in a single word. Epic.

Overall, I was actually fairly pleased with myself. Sure it could have gone better but hey, I was nervous, it happens. Oh, it also could have gone better if she hadn’t asked my age…would it have been wrong to lie? In any case, I can now gladly say that I put myself out there and really tried my best to get the job I’ve dreamed of since childhood.

Now, if you could all start a petition to get me on air and do your best to pester the producers on a daily basis, I would really appreciate it.


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