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While we’re getting acquainted, there’s something you should know about me – I’m hugely entertained by seemingly small things. It may seem a bit dorky, but it works for me. You know why? Because when small things make you happy, there are more opportunities every day to encounter things that make you happy.

Starting to make sense now right?

So if you’ll refer back to my previous post and the comment about pretending to be Ms. Wintour, you may piece together why the following photos make me so happy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with: Imposter On The Front Row, a photographic exhibit.

Front row at Comrags


 You can probably tell by the look on my face that I wasn’t terribly impressed. The quality was there, no one’s denying that, but I wasn’t a fan of the silhouettes, or lack thereof in some cases. I’m a fan of feeling good, and at times a bit sexy, in my clothes and many of the shapes in this collection just weren’t made for that. Another irk I had was with some rather perplexing accessories choices – leg ribbons (as seen in the top photo). I’m still having a hard time figuring that one out. On a brighter note, the orange trench would be a welcome addition to my coat collection.

Up  next – Barbie by David Dixon, alcoholic interlude, David Dixon

I was trilled to get to share some front row glory for this show with the great guys over at FRESHLY.EDUCATED.MEN.

Front row at Barbie by David Dixon

 The Barbie Collection wasn’t exactly my style, which wasn’t a big surprise. The David Dixon Collection however included a number of pieces that I fell in love with, like this guy:

David Dixon

 And not to be left out, the final trio of dresses which featured hand cut organza detail – the movement was beautiful. It’s these kinds of detail that really catch my eye: unique, slightly edgy, and a great show of craftmanship.  

David Dixon - hand cut organza


 Next mission – actually be invited that row. Hold on to your seats folks.


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