a lesson.

Working for others. 

It’s one of those thing you do to learn, to grow and to get your foot in the door, but really at the base of it all, you do it because it’s what you’ve always been told to do. But it seems little attention is given to the idea of what working for others should mean for you. What I’ve come to realize is that your ability to do your job and excel is greatly influenced by the people you are working for, their ability to guide you, the support they provide, and the environment they create. 

I have decided that moving forward I will put much more effort into carefully choosing those I will work for. Which made me think, I should start a list (Yes, I love lists). So I present to you my brand spankin’ new “I’ll only work for you if…” list.

Item number one:  you respect and consider my opinion.  

Few things aggravate me more than having my opinions discarded due to my age, or my lack of experience when compared to yours. Yes, I am younger than you but that should be seen as a benefit not a detriment. I am likely better educated in current technologies, current modes of communication, current trends and current thoughts. Did you see a theme there? Yes, current. My ability to be in the know about the world today is crucial to your success. It is a great partner to your experience and the two should work together to create something that is functionally sound while relevant in the world today.  I truly want to learn from those who have succeeded ahead of me, but not if they intend to look down their nose at me. 

So there you have it, a brand new lesson for me. How very fulfilling. 


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