well hello there

A smart man once tweeted:

ppl think holding on 2 difficult mates or jobs makes u strong but often lettin go shows ur very strong!

In under 140 characters, the great Rev Run summed up what I’ve been trying to convince myself of for a little while now. A few months ago, I went ahead and quit my (low-but-liveable) paying job in order to free myself for the opportunities I always miss due to my penchant for all things safe. It was the first move towards change. You see, there have been grandiose dreams in my head, but for some reason or another I’ve stood in my own way. Practicality was the name of my game and I chose to successfully live in the moderate lane, rather than risk losing in the fast lane. I never wanted to step on toes, let people down, or seem a fool – so I took the safe road. But that road has run out. It’s time for me to admit the strength it took to take that first step and now move forward with the plan.

What was the plan you ask? Well, to meet new people and discover through them all the potential opportunities that lay out there in the great wide world.

My hope is that through the writings in this space, two things will happen. First, I will hold myself accountable to follow through with my plan. Second, I will hear your thoughts. Yes – YOURS. Because maybe, just maybe, by reading my blog you will learn something about me that might strike an idea in your mind and make you go “Hey you, this thing would be perfect for you!”, or “You should totally speak with this person!”

So I hope to simultaneously entertain you with my adventures, inspire you to have some of your own, and encourage you to share with me your thoughts and ideas about my plan.


2 responses to “well hello there

  1. welcome to the blogging world 🙂 i think creating one of these things is an excellent idea to keep yourself accountable and keep track of your goals/thoughts/whatnot. plus, it’s always really interesting to look back on things that happened. hope this opens up new paths that you never even thought about before 🙂

  2. You may have just inspired me to get back onto working on my blog.

    I’m at a very similar crossroads, without the risk of having quit my job. But first steps are big, and important…and it gives me both strength and comfort to know a good friend is in a similar stage in life. Solidarity Anne! I’ll be reading your updates.

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